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Always up-to-date with our apps

Dolomiti Superski is providing an APP for the widely used iPhone, iPad and Android, the idea being to enable you to get all the information you need about the world’s largest ski carousel in a fast and trendy way. The services most requested and appreciated by skiers are available by touch screen. 

For example webcam, weather forecasts and snow conditions, listings of Dolomiti Superski lifts and slopes open throughout the 12 ski areas are all there for you.

3D & Augmented Reality

With the 3D Superski app all the skiing areas of the Dolomiti Superski are at your fingertips, in 3D, super duper! You’re always on the right slope, wherever you are.

The 3D ski maps give you an accurate view on all the slopes in the 12 skiing areas, including detailed information on the level of difficulty, the skier’s location (thanks to the GPS system), the uphill lift facilities, where the snowparks and huts are and a lot more besides! The ‘Ski Routenplaner’ function allows you to plan your route or your skiing day. Simply insert arrival and destination and your smartphone will calculate the quickest or most ideal route on the 1,200 km of Dolomiti Superski slopes. The ‘Ski Tracking’ function allows you to record your route or your skiing day. Simply log on later and analyse values and ski data or the most visited slopes. ‘3D Superski Challenge’ is the new ‘app community’: compare your ski performance to that of family and friends. Simply sign up and look who’s the best at the end of the day.


The best way to plan your days on the skis using a tried and tested slope navigator. Insert your starting and finishing point and the device will suggest the quickest route on the 1,200 km Dolomiti Superski slopes.


Ski Tracking allows you to record your skiing route on individual slopes or throughout the day (at the cost of €5.99). The system produces a summary of your day using graphs on the 3D maps. The slopes you’ve skied on are in blue and orange (the highest number of skied slopes will be orange). It also gives the time you’ve registered, distance made (in km), elevation gain covered and the ‘wellbeing factor’ of every day spent on the slopes.


The individual outings recorded during the season are saved on your profile and can be viewed later. Users of the 3D SUPERSKI app who are the real competitive bunch of the group and want to see how they measure up against family, friends or even other skiers can now do so by signing up to the brand new ‘3D CHALLENGE’. This virtual challenge inserts the tracked performance in a ranking-based system which includes all users signed up to the challenge. Who will become this season’s SuperSkier? The challenge has just started.


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