Morea Snowpark

Morea  Snowpark, 900 meters of park, 900 meters of pure fun! 
At Morea Snowpark you will find a wide range of facilities to suit every riders’ level, from beginners to experts.
In this park you can improve your technical level: even the toughest facilities were designed and settled for a gradual approach, without any huge kickers, even though in these past years there have been some great ones! Moreover, thanks to its special layout, this park provides facilities in a sequence: up to 17 in a row with kicks and boxes!


jump E M
Line E M H
inground features
jibs 18
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Lifts cable car Le Fassane - La Morea
shaping daily
company S.I.T. BELLAMONTE S.p.A.
Tourist Board Predazzo
Contact snow park
+39 0462 576234