This is what a real holiday should taste like

14 Michelin starred restaurants await you in the swath of land encompassing the regions of Veneto, Trentino and South Tyrol. Over 400 huts take local cuisine to the next level. 5 different traditions are fused into one single and surprising culinary art. 

Enjoy to the full a host of Ladin, Tyrolean, Venetian, Trentino and Mediterranean dishes. Fun on the slopes and in the kitchen: enjoy 1,200 km of skiing bliss and mouth-watering dishes. The message is clear: quality is all yours.

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A slalom of taste

Every corner of the Dolomiti Superski area awaits yout with refined and unique dishes, traditional dishes which are pure bliss. What are you waiting for? Tuck in! 

The ‘turtres ladine’, ‘casunzei ampezzani’, ‘mezzano trentino’, ‘Schlutzkrapfen’, rabbit and mountain herbs, grappas, jams, spiced flavours, mulled wine, ‘tosela’ cheese... we could go on for hours but it would be pure torture for those of you who are not here and can’t savour these flavours.These ancient tastes are just but an example of a cooking tradition which crosses all the Dolomiti Superski, whose scents cross the highest peaks and fly over the valleys. 


These flavours, nowadays, have been interpreted and reinterpreted by the expert hands of star studded cooks and by mothers, grandmothers passing down these recipes from generation to generation.
5 culinary traditions meet in a mesmerising dance of flavours and tastes: they waltz with local recipes, they give them a modern twist, they cherish them to make them timeless. What are you waiting for? Join in this dance of flavours.