Limitless thrills

Discover the upside-down world of freestyle

The times when skis and snowboards could only provide you with a pleasant, downhill ski are long gone: it’s time to fly! Hop on board and get ready for a world of acrobatic moves and enjoy the adrenaline-charged ride. Freestyle opens the doors to new ways of having fun for all skiers: jump, turns in mid-air and perfect landings.
Besides the slopes dedicated to carvers, snowboards and bordercross slopes, there are a good 30 snowparks fitted with all the latest tech in the DOLOMITI SUPERSKI carousel. 

This means well–groomed and clearly outlined slopes. Beginners can try them out as well, but this won’t stop experts from giving their all in their jumps and turns.
Await jibs of all sorts: box and rails for your slides and kicks of all type to make your dreams fly at 360° in the air…rather, 1080°!

Dolomiti Superski's snowparks

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